Car Batteries

Car Battery Disposal

Not only do we provide the best possible payments for your vehicle batteries, but also ensure that our team makes the disposal of your batteries as simply as possible. This includes being able to complete any paperwork ourselves, helping create a hands-off disposal service.

Specialised Battery Carrier

If you own a business, garage or dealership within Hampshire which needs regular collection of vehicle batteries; we can supply your company with a specially designed battery container. Our containers can hold up to 60 car batteries, usually coming to a total of one thousand kilograms.

When the scrap battery container is full and needs to be collected, you simply contact H&J Metals to arrange a convenient time for collection.

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Scrap Whole Vehicles

In addition to vehicle batteries, we are also fully licensed to scrap entire vehicles. Customers can bring their scrap vehicles to our scrapyard, or we are able to collect the vehicle. Similarly to our vehicle battery disposal, H&J Metals provides the best rates for vehicles scraped and are also able to help with any relevant paperwork.