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H&J Metals is an established scrapyard based in Woolston, allowing our customers to arrive with their non-ferrous waste metals and steel. The scrapyard is open for public usage; offering customers the best rates for their non-ferrous metals and scrap vehicles.

Simply turn up in your car, van or truck with all your scrap metal to our scrapyard and one of our team will assist.

As we are an independently run scrapyard, we are able to provide the best payment rates for your metal and paid within the same day.

Request Current Metal Prices:
Request Current Metal Prices

How To Sell Your Scrap Metal To H&J Metals

1) Deliver your metals / non ferrous metals or arrange collection.
2) Material is weighed.
3) Get paid!

We make sure our waste metal services are as simple as possible, which is why we offer same-day payments upon delivery to our scrapyard.

What Scrap Do We Buy?

H&J Metals offer the best going rates for scrap.
We like our waste metal services to be as simple as possible,
which is why we offer same-day payments upon delivery to our scrapyard.
We will pay for:

  • Non-ferrous Metals
  • Steel
  • Scrap vehicles
  • Car batteries
  • Catalytic converters
  • Lead

Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap

Non-ferrous metals are those which contain no trace of iron. Examples of non-ferrous items include: Copper, Brass, Lead, Bright Wire, Copper Cylinders, Alloy Wheels, Cable, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium. If you have an item which may contain non-ferrous metals but are unsure, please get it in touch so we can help.

Vehicle Scrappage

If you have a scrap vehicle to dispose of, we offer a simple scrap metal service that allows our customers to enjoy straight forward payment for their vehicle along with help with any necessary paperwork.

We also offer payments for catalytic converters and scrap vehicle batteries.

Mobile Scrap Collection

If you are unable to bring your items directly to our scrapyard in Woolston, fret not. Our mobile collection vehicles allow us to come to you at a convenient time and place. There is a minimum weight requirement for mobile collection. If you have a whole warehouse of waste metal, we also provide large scale clearance.

Free skips also available in a variety of sizes. From mini skips (2-5 yards), regular sizes (6-12 yards), to large roll off skips (20-40 yards).