Non-Ferrous Metals

The Best Price Paid For Non-Ferrous Metal

At H&J Metals, we keep our expenses to a minimum. What we save from our cost-effective service we pass onto customers by offering them the best rates for their non-ferrous metals. It’s this dedication to customer satisfaction that has allowed us to become Southampton’s leading scrap metal merchant.

How to sell your non-ferrous:

1) Deliver your non-ferrous metals to our scrapyard, or arrange collection.
2) Material is weighed.
3) Get paid!

Request Current Metal Prices
Request Current Metal Prices

What are non-ferrous metals?

Non-ferrous metals are those which do not contain any iron.

H&J Metals offer same-day payments for non-ferrous metals when delivered to our scrapyard based in Woolston, Southampton.

Non-Ferrous Metals We Buy:

  • Copper.
  • Brass.
  • Lead.
  • Bright Wire.
  • Catalytic converters.
  • Copper Cylinders.
  • Alloy Wheels.
  • Cable.
  • Lead.
  • Zinc.
  • Aluminium.

Immediate Payments, Hassle Free Scrapping.

We strive to deliver a hassle-free service. When we receive scrap non-ferrous metals at our scrapyard, we are able to provide payment to your bank account within the same day of collection or delivery of metals.

We make sure our waste metal services are as simple as possible, which is why we offer same-day payments upon delivery to our scrapyard or collection of your waste metal.

Mobile collection is available, but a minimum weight requirement does apply.

Free Skips For Regular Metal Collection

Free skips come in a variety of sizes. From mini skips (2-5 yards), regular sizes (6-12 yards), to large roll off skips (20-40 yards).

If you’re a manufacturer or business that requires regular collection of non-ferrous metals, H&J Metals can provide a hassle-free skip service. Simply; receive one of our skips, phone us when you’re ready for skip collection, & then you receive payment for your metals. It’s that simple.